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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Three Great Vermont Church Sound System Projects

from the leader in Vermont church audio - Power Sound of New England

Three Vermont parishes have new custom church audio systems from Power Sound of New England. For more than four decades Vermont parishes and other New England churches have chosen Power Sound of New England, more than any other Audio Visual System designers and installers for professional Church Audio Visual Systems. 
“We regard this ongoing faith in our work with much gratitude”, General Manager Troy Jennings said. “It has always been our foremost goal to provide audio visual solutions that are exactly that, ‘solutions’ for churches”.
St. Stanislaus Kotska
The Projects:
St. Stanislaus Kotska; W. Rutland - Fr. Vincent knew the sound quality of the “ancient” church sound system at his parish was inadequate. He had contracted Power Sound of New England for a Bennington church A/V project, where he was pastor a few years ago, and was delighted with the custom church sound system we designed and installed there. For his new parish project he again called on us to design a custom church audio system that would deliver clear audio intelligibility and reliability. We did.

St. Bridget Church
St. Bridget Church; W. Rutland - New "Personal Hearing Assist" system. Here Fr. Vincent needed a way to address the church sound for the hard of hearing. This parish already has great sound and video projection from the church audio visual system we designed and installed as part of an earlier project. With the hearing assist system, which we integrated with the main church audio system, a transmitter sends sound to small receivers provided to those with hearing impairment. A choice of ear buds, headphones and even a wire loop that is worn like a necklace offers comfortable and effective solutions for anyone needing extra sound amplification.

“A night and day difference!”
“What a relief it was to know that the parish I was assigned to recently had its church sound system designed and installed by Power Sound! I knew right away that we were in good hands. Now, having been assigned a second parish, no time was wasted in knowing who to call. Again, Power Sound came through fulfilling all our expectations.           ~ Rev. Vincent Coppola, C.S.C.;  St. Stanislaus Kotska & St Bridget Church

Our Lady of Good Hope
Our Lady of Good Hope- Brandon – A complete Church Sound System renovation was done at this church. Rev. Albert “Skip” Baltz called on us to design and install a new church audio system that features state-of-the-art components and delivers rich clear sound. The results are exactly what the parish wanted. Fr. “Skip” has told us his congregation is thankful for the quality and intelligibility of the new church sound. He said he feels it vital that “especially those a hard of hearing now can hear every word” of his homily.

Church audio is a challenge; church acoustics are known to be tough to tame. Careful analysis and experience -that numbers thousands of worship space audio visual system projects- has given Power Sound of New England far more specialized experience than any other regional A/V company. Ultimately we know this: When it comes to church audio, yes, we can give everyone the best seat in the house.

To learn more about audio visual systems for churches we invite you to visit our website: http://powersoundne.com/worshipav.html. Or, visit us on Facebook.

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